Agreement for Services of BLING

Agreement for Services of BLING (last updated: May 11, 2018)

Tip: Please read carefully and fully understand the entire contents of this Agreement for Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”), in particular, the exemption clause that exempts or restricts the liabilities of BLING and the restrictions on the user’s rights.

Please read carefully and fully understand the contents of the Agreement before deciding whether you are to accept this Agreement. If you are a minor (under 18 years old), you must read it with your legal guardian before deciding whether you are to accept this Agreement. After you accept the entire contents of this Agreement, you can register, log in or use the relevant services covered under this Agreement. Your registration, login and use will be deemed to be the acceptance of the entire contents of this Agreement.
This Agreement is entered into between and by you (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and Shining Future (Hong Kong) Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BLING”) on the registration and login in to “BLING” short video social platform and the use of “BLING” short video social platform services. The Agreements provides the rights and obligations concerning the “BLING” services between BLING and users. “User” refers to an individual or organization that registers, logs in, uses, browses, and obtains services under this Agreement.
The contents of the Agreement are updated by BLING at any time. BLING will push the modified version of the Agreement to all registered users at the first time. The User can also check the latest version of the Agreement on this website. The updated terms of the Agreement will replace the original terms of the Agreement once it is published. After the terms of the Agreement are updated, if you do not agree to accept, your registered account will be frozen, you will not be able to operate on the account, and you will not be able to continue to use and obtain all the services provided by BLING.

I. Rules of use

1. The User fully understands and acknowledges that: BLING provides information storage and sharing platform services for the User only. The user must be fully responsible for all of his/her conducts that occur under his/her registered account, including any adverse consequences caused by any content or information that the User transmits to BLING platform. Such adverse consequences include, but are not limited to, compensation, fines, costs for judicial/arbitral proceedings, attorneys’ fees, reasonable expenses, damages caused to BLING, and any damage resulting from the foregoing conducts. The User shall make his/her own judgments on the content of other registered users at BLING platform and assume all legal responsibilities resulting from the use of the content to himself/herself, others, and the society, including but not limited to the risks of dependence on the accuracy, authenticity, and completeness or practicability of the content.
2. Any content or information posted by the User in the use of BLING service does not reflect or represent BLING’s views, positions or policies, and BLING shall not be held accountable for such content or information.
3. The user fully understands and acknowledges that: BLING is a peer-to-peer information service platform based on the user relationship network. The User must take full responsibility for the authenticity, legality, and validity of the registration information on BLING. In no way shall the User impersonate another person or disseminate any information in the name of another person, or use the registered account maliciously to cause misidentification by other users. Otherwise, BLING reserves the right to immediately stop providing services and deactivate the User’s BLING account. The User shall bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.
4. BLING shall not bear any individual or joint responsibilities for guarantee of the authenticity, legality, harmlessness, validity of all information uploaded by the User. The user shall bear the relevant legal liabilities caused by the information he/she disseminates. .
5. The User fully understands and acknowledges that: BLING may temporarily modify, suspend, restrict, or terminate some or all of the services of BLING due to business development needs and emergency situations. BLING does not need to give prior notice of such actions. The User knows and voluntarily assumes such risks and related legal liabilities.
6. The User fully understands and acknowledges that: the services provided by BLING may contain advertisements. The User agrees to the display of advertisements provided by BLING and third-party suppliers and partners during the use of the services.
7. BLING considers the respect to and observation of the culture, laws, policies and religious beliefs of the region and country where the service User belongs to as an important rule of survival of the Company. BLING is willing to provide an open, health and civilized social platform with an open and inclusive attitude for each of BLING users around the world. None of the users may create, upload, or disseminate information containing any of the following via BLING or BLING short video social platform:
(1) Violations of the basic rules provided in the constitutions and laws of the countries or territories where the User belongs to;
(2) Endangering the national security, leaking national secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity of the countries where the User belongs to;
(3) Damage to the honors and interests of the country where the User belongs to;
(4) Inciting ethnic or racial hatred, ethnic or racial discrimination, and undermining relations between ethnic or racial groups;
(5) Damage to the religious policies in the country or territory where the User belongs to and promotion of cults;
(6) Rumor mongering, disruption of social order and undermining social stability;
(7) Dissemination of obscenity, pornography, gamBLING, violence, homicide, terror or abetment of crimes;
(8) Insulting or slandering others and infringing the legal rights and interests of others;
(9) Information containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.
8. According to a reasonable judgment, BLING may terminate the transmission of, delete, or take other legal measures to, any content that may violate, impair, undermine, or threaten the rights or safety of others or counterfeit the name of others by violating the laws and regulations of the laws and regulations, religious beliefs, folklore conventions of the territory or country where the User belongs to and international laws and regulations, and the provisions of this Agreement. BLING may also be entitled to take legal actions against the User in violation of this clause, including but not limited to: deletion of illegal, infringing, improper contents from the platform, restriction or prohibition of the User from using the services of BLING in whole or in part, cancelation of the User’s account, saving relevant information in accordance with laws and regulations and reporting to relevant authorities.
9. Rights and obligations of the User:
(1) The ownership of BLING account belongs to BLING. After the User completes the application process for registration, the user is granted the right to use his/her BLING account. The right to use the BLING account belongs to the initial application registrant only. The User is prohibited from giving, borrowing, renting, transferring, or selling BLING accounts. If the User is not the initial registrant of the account, BLING reserves the right to recover the account without notice and without bearing any liability to the User of the account. The consequences including but not limited to interruption of user communications and deletion of all user information and virtual items will be the responsibility of the User. If there is a dispute in the account's ownership, BLING has the right to temporarily freeze the account in dispute after receiving the complaint from the relevant party; the parties to the dispute shall provide evidence to prove the account ownership within the period of proof (7 working days) and BLING will make judgment on the ownership and unfreeze the account in dispute based on the evidence provided by the parties.
(2) The User may change or delete his/her personal data, registration information and transmission contents on BLING account or platform. When the User changes or deletes relevant information, he/she may also lose the texts, pictures, and videos stored in the system. BLING will not be responsible for the loss of the contents due to the User’s autonomous operation. Please note that once the phone number or WeChat account is bound to BLING account, it cannot be unbound.
(3) The User is responsible for the safekeeping of the information of the registered account and the security of the password. The User is required to take legal responsibility for his/her conducts under the registered account. The legal liability arising from the lending, disclosure, or theft of information such as the account and password will be the sole responsibility of the registered User. The User agrees not to use another user’s account under any circumstances.
(4) The User should abide by the terms of the Agreement, use the service correctly and properly, and shall not disturb the order of the platform, including but not limited to disrupting the financial order of the platform. If the User violates any of the terms of the Agreement or other platform rules, BLING reserves the right to terminate/suspend the provision of the services, in whole or partially, to the BLING account of the User in violation. If any function of the account is terminated/suspended, he/she will not be able to participate in any official activities. Special attention should be paid to the fact that BLING would temporarily or permanently suspend the account on account of allegedly using unreasonable means for trading (including but not limited to the illegal use of credit card for cash-out). At the same time, BLING reserves the right to recover the BLING accounts and User names at any time.
(5) The User guarantees that the information provided when registering the BLING account shall be true and complete, and the User shall bear the legal liability arising from the illegal, unreal and inaccurate information. If the registration information changes, the registration data shall be updated in time to meet the timely, detailed, true and accurate requirements.
(6) In no way shall the User uses BLING for any form of money laundering. BLING will closely monitor such behaviors and have the power to investigate abnormal and large-scale virtual assets turnover in multiple targeted accounts, and have the right to submit your identification data, relevant transaction records in cooperation with the investigation conducted by relevant authorities.
(7) After the User registers a BLING account and does not log in for three consecutive months, BLING reserves the right to cancel the account to avoid resources wasting and the loss will be borne by the User.
(8) The User agrees to grant BLING the free-of-charge use of the information and content formed through release at BLING platform or during the use of the services of BLING. BLING may use such content or information by any means including adaptation, compilation, reproduction, distribution, and online communications. If the User does not agree with the use of the relevant content by BLING, he/she should notify BLING in writing in advance.
(9) In the course of using the services provided by BLING, the User may report and complain to BLING staff if he/she identifies any content involving politics, guns, drugs, violence, gamBLING, and pornography. BLING will send a commissioner in time after receiving such reports and complaints.

II. Privacy protection

The User is aware of and acknowledges that: personal privacy information refers to the information that can personally identify the User or involve personal communications, including the User’s real name, ID number, mobile phone number, bank account, IP address, and the like. Non-personal privacy information refers to the User’s operation status and usage habits of the service and the record information that is clearly and objectively reflected on BLING server and all the general information other than the personal privacy information, and the above-mentioned private information that the user consents to disclose.
BLING respects the privacy of the User’s personal privacy information. BLING will take reasonable measures to protect the user’s personal privacy information. BLING will not disclosure such information to any third party other than its partners without the User’s consent except for being requested by law or legally mandated government departments or the User’s consent.
If the User chooses to consent at the time of registration, or if there is an agreement between the User and BLING and its partners regarding the disclosure or use of the User's personal privacy information, the User shall bear all risks that may arise. BLING shall not be liable for such risks.
For the purpose of operation and improvement of BLING technologies and services and to facilitate the provision of better user experiences and improvement of the quality of BLING services, BLING may collect and use non-personal privacy information from users or provide it to third parties. Please read carefully the Privacy Policy for Users of BLING for more information.

III. Information of business identifiers of BLING

Any BLING graphics, texts or its composition, and other BLING logos and names of products and service involved in the services of BLING are deemed as business identifiers of BLING (hereinafter referred to as “BLING Identifiers”). Without BLING's prior written consent, the User may not display, use or apply for trademark registration, domain name registration, etc. in any way with BLING Identifiers, nor may they express or suggest to others that they have the right to display, use, or otherwise have the right to handle BLING Identifiers. If the User causes losses due to the illegal use of BLING Identifiers to BLING or others, the User shall bear relevant legal liabilities.

IV. Intellectual property rights (IPRs)

1. The platform's services include BLING-operated websites, web applications, software, and any text, graphics, videos, audios and other elements included. BLING is entitled to all intellectual property rights (IPRs) to its service marks, identifiers, and any of the above elements.
2. The User is entitle to any IPRs to any results generated by posting and displaying short videos or during social period on the platform (including, but not limited to, short video, audio, which are collectively referred to as “Short Video Results”). You agree to permit BLING to the permanent, irrevocable, exclusive use and re-licensing and/or authorization to any third party of the use of the Short Video Results worldwide, including but not limited to reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting rights, information network communication rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights, and other copyright property rights owned by the copyright holders as stipulated in the Copyright Law, and BLING does not have to pay extra fees to the user for such permission.
3. No third party may copy, modify, edit, transfer, use, transmit or use the Short Video Results and comments made by the User on the platform, without the consent of BLING, through information networks or for other purposes, including but not limited to downloading short videos, editing video/audio/text, and other forms of content. Otherwise, BLING has the right to infringe upon any subject in BLING’s own name or to entrust a third party to institute lawsuits or carry out other legal actions and obtain full compensation.

V. Legal liability and disclaimer

1. If the User violates the Agreement or the terms of the related service and causes the third party to request claims from BLING and its partners and related companies, the User agrees to bear all legal liabilities, including but not limited to compensation, fines, settlement fees, litigation arbitration fees and reasonable attorney’s fees, and agrees to compensate for the damage caused to BLING.
2. BLING and its partners shall not be liable for all losses suffered by the User due to communication line failures, technical problems, and network failures due to third parties such as the telecommunications departments, computer failures, system instability, and other force majeure.
3. In case of affected normal operation of the services due to technical failures and other irresistible incidents, BLING and its partners commitments to cooperate with the relevant units in the first time and deal with it in time for repairs, but BLING and its Cooperatives do not assume responsibility for all losses incurred to the users therefrom.
4. The User understands that: this service is the same as other Internet services. In the process of using the service, the User may be affected by many factors such as the quality of the network service, the social environment, and the user's operational error; and it may also be affected by various problems, such as the use of the user data by others for harassment in real life. The User downloads other installed software or visits other websites that may contain viruses such as “Trojan Horse”, which will threaten the security of the User’s computer information and data, and then affects the normal use of the service. The User should strengthen their awareness of the protection of information security and user data in order to avoid loss and harassment. The risk of using BLING service is borne by the user.
5. The User understands that: this service involves Internet services and may be affected by various factors of instability. The service may contain the risks of service interruption or failing to meet the User’s needs due to force majeure, computer virus or hacking attacks, system instability, user location, user shutdown, and any other technologies and interconnections. BLING assumes no responsibility for the inability of the user to send, receive and read any information, or incorrect information reception or sending due to the foregoing circumstances.
6. The User understands that: the use of this service may involve the risks of facing the contents or conducts from others, including but not limited to threatening, defamatory, offensive or other illegal content or conduct and/or infringement of the rights of others (including but not limited to IPRs) and anonymous or fraudulent information, and the User shall bear the above risks. BLING and its partners do not make any express or implied guarantees for the services of the short video social networking platform, including but not limited to the authenticity, merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, ownership and non-infringement of the information. BLING shall not be liable for any legal, direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequential violations of the lawful rights of third parties arising from the improper or illegal use of BLING's short video social networking service by the User.
7. The information provided by BLING includes, but is not limited to: texts, software, audios, photos, videos, graphics, all content of advertisements, and commercial information provided by BLING for users. All of the above information is protected by the Copyright Law, the Trademark Law and other intellectual property laws, the Property Law, and other relevant Chinese laws. The User may use these contents only if they are expressly authorized by BLING and its partners. None of the Users may engage in conducts including but not limited to copying, modifying, compiling, or creating derivative products related to the contents aforesaid.
8. In any case, BLING shall bear no responsibility for any damage indirectly, consequentially, punitively, contingently, specially or criminally penalty resulting from the use of BLING community platform by the User, including but not limited to the losses to the User by his/her use of the videos on the platform (even if BLING has been informed of the possibility of such losses). Although the Agreement may contain special agreements, BLING’s full responsibility to the user, regardless of the cause or behavior, does not exceed the fee (if any) the User has paid to BLING during the period of using the services of BLING.

VI.BLING Reward Certification

1. BLING Reward Certification: is the behavior rewards certificate obtained by the user in the BLING community through content posting, commenting, content support or against, comment support or against, etc. The rewards will be included in your BLING ID as your asset.
2. Rewards Certification Withdrawal:
You can use BLING Wallet to manage your community assets.
The asset withdraw is to bring the rewards obtained by the user in the BLING community to the unique blockchain wallet address.
3. BLING Blockchain Wallet Address:
The blockchain wallet addresses created by BLING based on the Ethereum single-chain system (and other blockchain systems that will be supported in the future), including other auxiliary tools developed to facilitate the use of blockchain systems by users. In order to facilitate the faster and safer operation of the BLING community, this address will keep unique and invisible, and will not be modifiable. After the user's rewards amount reaches a certain amount, the private key of the address will be updated to realize more service functions.
4. The user must be a natural person who has full civil capacity based on the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the law of the user's location. If you are a minor, a person with limited civil capacity, or have no civil capacity according to applicable laws, please use the BLING wallet address-related services under the guidance of your parents or legal guardian. If a person with no civil capacity uses a BLING wallet address or restricts a civil capacity person to use the BLING blockchain wallet address beyond his or her civil rights or capacity, all the consequences will be the sole responsibility of the person or their legal guardian.
5. Asset Password
In the process of using BLING Wallet, the BLING wallet operation interface prompts you to set the password. This password is used to conduct asset transactions more safely and quickly. Once your wallet password is lost, you will not be able to retrieve it.
6. Transaction Record
According to your request, we will use the blockchain system to copy all or part of your transaction records, but the transaction records shall be based on the blockchain system's records.
7. Stop Service
You know that based on the "irrevocable" nature of blockchain system transactions, we cannot suspend or cancel the asset withdraw and other operations for you, but under certain circumstances, we can suspend or limit the operation of a user's BLING wallet address.
8. Users should keep their own mobile devices, asset passwords and other information safe. BLING is not responsible for keeping the above information safe for users.
All risks, liabilities, losses, and costs incurred by the user due to the lost mobile devices, active or passive disclosure 、 forgotten wallet passwords, or other attacks, frauds, etc., all consequences are the responsibility of the user.
9. You should understand the "irrevocable" nature based on blockchain operations, the consequences of your mistakes (including but not limited to the problem that you entered the wrong transfer address, your own choice of transfer node server).
Please understand that when using the BLING Wallet service, the following situations may cause a fail command:
Wallet Balance is Insufficient
Transaction Fee is Insufficient
Blockchain executive contract code failure
Beyond payment limits set by regulatory authorities, BLING wallet addresses or laws and regulations
Network、equipment or other technical faults
Blockchain network congestion, breakdown and other reasons caused the transaction to be abandoned
Use unconventional ways to modify the withdrawal wallet address, etc.
10. BLING will not charge you any kind of service fees or fees for the moment,in the future, if need to charge certain services, the rules will be stipulated or announced separately. When you use BLING to withdraw assets, you should pay the miner's fee, and the amount is decided by you. The miner's fee is charged to you directly by the relevant blockchain system. Please understand that under certain circumstances, because your network environment and network conditions are unstable, When your transfer is not completed, you will also be charged a miner's fee by the relevant blockchain system. You are responsible for paying all taxable and other expenses incurred by your transactions in the BLING Wallet.

VII.Notice of Risk ---- BLING Wallet Address

1. When using the BLING Wallet, if you or your counterparty fails to comply with this agreement or related site descriptions, operating tips and rules in the BLING interface, BLING does not guarantee that transactions will be successfully completed, and BLING will not be liable for damages in this regard.
2. During the transaction process, you should make your own judgment whether the transaction counterparty is a person with full capacity for civil conduct and decide whether to trade with the other party or transfer it to the other party, etc., and the user takes all risks associated with it.
3. We suggested that you run BLING in a secure network environment to ensure that your mobile device is not jail-broken or rooted to avoid potential security risks
4. During using our products, please be aware of the fraud that not come from the official. Once this happens, we encourage you to tell us the first time.

VIII. Other terms

1. Special note: Before registering and using the services under the Agreement, please read carefully the terms of the Agreement that restricts, exempts BLING from is obligations and liabilities, and the terms that aggravate the obligations of the User; and please consider the risks independently. If you are a minor (under the age of 18), you should read this Agreement together with a legal guardian, and register and use it in full understanding of the terms of the Agreement.
2. Any invalid provisions, in part or wholly, of the Agreement will not affect the validity of other provisions.
3. The interpretation, effectiveness, and resolution of the Agreement shall be subject to the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
4. Any dispute between the User and BLING shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the User agrees to submit the dispute to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) for arbitration according to its then-current arbitration rules.
5. BLING reserves the right to interpret and modify the Agreement.
6. The Agreement is signed in Hong Kong.